Because of the gap in the timetable on Saturday between the last class in the afternoon and the start of the evening program, the board of directors of the ApHCG has decided to reschedule the classes held usually on Sunday,

to Saturday Friday and Thursday. By rescheduling the classes this way we have the time and possibility to organise an exhibitor party on Saturday night. This way the exhibitors will have the opportunity to take part in the end of the show party on Saturday evening because there are no show classes planned on Sunday.


This will also enable the organisation to organise some very interesting clinics on Sunday.  Clinics will be given by two of the judges who judged the EC.

Themes of these clinics will be:

  • How to perform in the show arena.
  • Do’s and don’t in the show arena.
  • All round Performance.

These clinics will be offered for free!
If you want to participate, please apply for it at the show grounds.
Participation will be based on First-comes, first-served.

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